Sunday, February 1, 2009

Ice Cream

Mmmmm... I am feeling very reflective as I digest my first pint of Ben and Jerry's since October. So much of myself is tied into that product, and it was difficult with every spoonful being reminded of him. I don't want to get REALLY reflective and eventually emo about this topic, but it is true that experience has been a big part of my life at college. Even now.

I don't remember the date that it ended, but I remember August 18th and September 8th. I don't realize how much it still hurts me when I put all emotions aside and focus on my work. So what do I do? I wonder if he will read this, and I wonder what he will think. Will he be mad? I hope not. I don't want to portray him as bad, I don't want there to be anything negative about it... but then the situation doesn't even make sense.

It's hard to think about what Dobie Gillis or Shutterbabe would do, so I won't think about it. Someday, I will be able to eat Ben and Jerry's and it won't make me want to cry.

I appologize for the vagueness now (...It's coming back so clearly... and I loved you so dearly... ha) I don't want to go into detail, but like I said it has been a really big part of college so far.

At this moment I am sitting in the laundry room with Marrta. My laundry is done, but I am hanging out with her until her's is done. Then I am going to work out, read some more of the Flivver King and go to bed. We spent 4 hours in the Honor's suite today. Four hours and I don't feel like I accomplished much. I read 20 pages in the Flivver King, filled out an insurance application, and started to work on the Student Senate minutes until I realized that there was SO MUCH and I gave up. When we started singing Bohemian Rhapsody, I put it on my computer and we danced around... we thought that dancing around would make it easier to study... but all it accomplished was us listening to more music... and getting nothing more done.

To get laundry money we had to walk to the gas station to break a twenty, and I finally redeemed my Credo Coupon, and that is where the Karmel Sutra came from. I had been hoping for Magic Brownies... but alas... Ice cream is ice cream.

Oh gosh! I almost ended this blog before I realized that YESTERDAY was amazing. Savannah had been visiting her dad, so she came and saw me! We ate at Nabo, and then I took her along to play pep band. She rocked the Trombone, and it was glorious. Afterwards, in celebration of Ember's 20th Birthday, Marrta, Elisabeth, Amy, Aj, Caitlin, Rob and Tracy went to Block E to eat at Applebees! Yum. THEN we went to New In Town. It wasn't a very good movie, and I think that Renee Zellwigger is funny looking, but it was set in New Ulm, so that made me happy. I LOVE MINNESOTA SO MUCH! I even love the snow and cold, it just makes summer that much better, and I LOVE being a Minnesotan! Where on February first we bundle up to go to the gas station to get ICE CREAM! Where we ice fish and make hot dish. Drink pop and find joy in first snows.

Ah yes. 'Tis a great place to be alive.